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OFFER TO PURCHASE LAND FORM 1 Civic Address 601 Campbell Street Regina Saskatchewan. LEGAL DESCRIPTION Lot 15 Block31 Plan FN41 Information Services Corporation Saskatchewan Parcel 109491789 PURCHASE PRICE DEPOSIT AMOUNT 10 of purchased price offered Certified cheque/Bank Draft Payable to City of Regina must be attached with this form Name of Purchaser Address Phone Purchaser s Solicitors Name Address/Phone.
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the second diamond has many years and offer free land and Cape Breton has gone viral online this time it's a man looking for the perfect house mate on a picturesque but isolated property near work aagama although he is awfully particular about who fits the bill he is getting thousands of applicants from right across the country your ctv's Ryan MacDonald a cozy log home on more than 100 acres of land in rural Cape Breton with nothing short of a million-dollar view you might imagine some people will be enticed by the idea of living here but Taran Dodd could never have been prepared for the avalanche of responses to his online ad how am I gonna sorry I have to hire a secretary I handle all the their messages that come apply the Kijiji ad with the headline live in rural Cape Breton for free spells out in pretty specific terms what Dodd is looking for confined to a wheelchair the 75 year old wants a personal care assistant one who can keep a garden cooking clean and care for chickens most of all it has to be someone who shares his lifestyle of being one with nature they have to have a certain look on life and what they want and and then it would fit in a place like this the ad promises a salary and free lodging in his home while he realizes this kind of rural life isn't for everyone the response to his ad seems to prove there are people who would leave a big city to have a view like this it's probably better than the view of most of the houses that some celebrity pays millions of dollars for you may recall something similar when the farmer's daughter just a few kilometres down the road hired several employees from across the country by offering free land in a campaign that also went viral if this kind of arrangement is starting to trend Dodd feels there ought to be some sort of easier way for people like him and others who want to live in a place like this to connect so that people both in my position and people that would like to take advantage of such an offer can contact each other as for who will be his new roommate dodd says the list is whittled down to about 20 if nothing else his search has taught him a lesson about the power of the Internet I've certainly been impressed with how quickly you can contact such a huge number of people I should have known that I did sort of know that but it's been impressed on me because it's come right to my door you know proving that even a place as isolated as this can be put under the microscope to tens of thousands through a simple ad gone viral now of course Bruce the irony of this whole thing is that Tarun Dodd is a pretty intensely private person in fact that's part of the reason he has lived in such an isolated place for much of his life so all of this attention is pretty out of the ordinary to him but that's the kind of thing that can happen when you were pretty much rolling out the welcome back to the whole world online Bruce I would think so thanks for that Ryan...